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1. What is rubber floor? As the name suggests, rubber flooring is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other ingredients made of high polymer materials.
Rubber floor knowledge base

2. What is synthetic rubber and natural rubber? SBR, benzol, and butadiene rubber are synthetic rubbers, which are attached products of petroleum. Natural rubber refers to rubber grown by artificially cultivated rubber trees.

3. Why is the rubber floor an environmental protection floor? Because all the materials are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials and macromolecules and environmental protection materials.

4. What are the biggest advantages of rubber flooring? The advantages are: 1. Environmental protection 2. Non-slip 3. Resistance 4. Wear resistance 5. Sound absorption 6. Anti-static 7. Corrosion resistance 8. Easy to clean

5. What are the advantages of rubber flooring compared to other flooring?
1, compared with the board: flame retardant, waterproof, anti-static, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean
2, compared with the stone: Good elasticity, anti-static, construction is relatively simple, convenient, time-saving, saving materials
3, compared with pvc: Wearable, non-slip, environmental protection, resistance

6, in the sales process, the customer is generally concerned about what is the problem first is the quality of the product: At present, the German Nora is good.
The second is the price of the product: Quality is the best, and naturally it will be more expensive. Rubber is generally more expensive than pvc.
The third is the construction process problem: See the rubber floor pavement method.

7. Do you understand elastic rubber flooring?
The elastic rubber floor is made of rubber as the main raw material and then added with various materials to be pressed at a high temperature. Manufacturers can produce different kinds of rubber flooring according to different requirements. The following are widely used:
(1) Flexible rubber flooring for decoration on public places and sports cars;
(2) Rubber flooring resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;
(3) Oil-resistant rubber floor;
(4) conductive rubber flooring;
(5) Antistatic rubber flooring;
(6) Highly electrically insulating floor;
(7) High temperature resistant rubber flooring;
(8) Anti-ultralow temperature rubber flooring;
(9) High weather resistance rubber flooring;
(10) high resilience rubber floor and so on.
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